Recent business, economic, technological and geopolitical developments have taught us traditional methods of doing business are not adequate to take on new unanticipated macro transformations with more and different complexities in all of the above areas. Businesses also are becoming more and more connected over networks and consequently system wide risks are ever-increasing, which adds to the complexities.

Moreover, the past paradigm of technology being an implementation detail of a business model/process has forever been changed now that new technologies often shape business models/processes and this cause and effect relationship is not reversible. Traditional business strategy methodologies taught through business training/education assume a stable business environment. This school of thought has only developed methodologies for a static set of stereotype challenges and associated solutions.

Intelligence Capital is a knowledge transfer firm that helps clients safely navigate these unchartered waters because we need to draw upon insights derived from past experiences having gone through similar and equivalent macro transformations, not to mention the associated ups and downs and the psychology behind them. The principal of the firm has such experiences.

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